The Truth Comes Out

November 13, 2016

Tonight I decided to get my “closure” from him. I finally found out the COMPLETE TRUTH. There was more to his “cheating” and “lies” that I’ve discovered. Saddest part of it all is that the girl whom he cheated on me with is someone I almost considered as a friend.

Here’s a little background about her and how she came into our lives. As we all know, I have a very high number of Instagram followers. This girl was one of them. She had been an active Instagram follower of mine for the longest time now, and I finally gave her a chance to be acquainted with me. Back in August, I celebrated one huge birthday party with my closest family and friends. Due to the fact that I wanted to give this girl a chance to be my friend, I invited her. Her Instagram pictures made me believe that she was a nice and trustworthy person. I’ve never been so wrong . I regret inviting her and trusting her with all my secrets and feelings.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend of 2016. In my family, Thanksgiving dinner is one of the biggest family gatherings of the year. So, the EX and I went together and had dinner with my family … like the picture perfect couple we USED TO BE. After the dinner, we decided to go clubbing along with HER and one of the EX’s friend. During the night, I was already feeling some negative vibes from her. Something just did NOT feel right. I might as well mention that during that night when our ride was asked where we wanted to be dropped off, I hinted multiple times to her that we COULD DRIVE HER HOME. But, my EX insisted that she could spend the night at his place. In addition, she also mentioned that her house was getting some renovations done. With all those considerations in mind, I finally agreed to have her sleep the night with us. She ended up sleeping on the EX’s bed with me, and my EX slept on the floor. The idea of ​​having another girl sleep on his bed was disturbing. I was the only girl who has ever slept on that bed … Now, her too . For the duration of that early morning, I really started to feel wrong about the whole situation. It was like my inner gut telling me that having this girl too close to me is not a great choice. This is only the second time that I’ve spent time with her and she’s already getting way too close to US.

A few days after we went clubbing, my nightmares and negative intuitions started to occur. I already mentioned this on my past blog post that I have experienced nightmares of my EX cheating on me days before we broke up. However, what I did not tell you is that the girl in my dreams was HER. There are only two people who know about this dream, and that is my best friend and my EX. Both of them told me to disregard that thought, and that it was a meaningless dream. I tried many times to push the remnants of my nightmares away, but I just could not. It’s all clear in my dream, her face, my EX’s face, and the act of them cheating. I’ve also stated in the past that I had confronted him multiple times about whether or not, “he has ever cheated on me.” His answer was “NO”, and I tried to believe his words.

A part of me really wanted to believe him, but my gut was always telling me that something was off. From my past experiences, my intuition had always been right. I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG.

They played me like a fool. All of this lying and cheating happened just about 4 weeks ago. 4 weeks ago we were still dating. 4 weeks ago I thought we were going to last forever. 4 weeks ago I thought that he was the ONE. FUCKING LIARS. She knew how much I loved HIM. He understood the fact that I trusted him to remain loyal and honest with me. This girl knew that a month ago HE and I just celebrated our 5TH YEAR TOGETHER … They both knew what they were doing was wrong from the very beginning. BUT WHY DID THEY KEEP DOING IT?!?! How can he look into my eyes and tell me that my nightmares and intuitions about him cheating were fictitious?!?! How can she lie to me like that? HOW COULD THEY BOTH LIE, PRETEND, AND HIDE ALL OF THIS FROM ME?!?

BETRAYED – The one word that perfectly explains how I feel. I poured my heart and soul out with this girl when I went through my break up. She knew the pain I was going through, yet she still carried on pretending like she WAS NOT A PART OF IT .. Pretending like she genuinely cared for my well being … pretending like she had NOTHING TO HIDE. She was one of the first people to react to my first blog post about the breakup. She even gave me “advices”. To some extent, I honestly thought she cared.

It all makes sense to me now. She was never a “friend”, she was simply a girl who wanted to taste what I had. She’s not a real friend, but rather a fake human being whom I wish you all would never meet in your life.

MY LAST MESSAGE TO HER : I do not entirely blame you for what happened, I just hate you for lying and being a fake friend. It takes two people to “kiss” and go on the “date”. This mistake is not entirely yours but also HIS. However, I do wish you confessed to me, instead of sneaking behind my back, pretending to be my “friend”. YES – I am very mad at you right now. YES – I’ll be mad for you for many years. NO – I will not be mad at you forever. Please, do not ever behave this way again, or else you’ll make more enemies than friends … and that my dear, is not a great feeling.

MESSAGE TO HIM : FUCK YOU. I held on to the idea of ​​US getting back together way before finding out the complete truth. Now that I know everything, the idea of ​​us reuniting is making me sick. You of all people should know how much I despise cheaters. I have witnessed my mother go through extreme pain because of my dad cheating on her. You know how much I hated my dad for cheating. Ironically, the one thing I hated the most, is the one thing you DID TO ME. Cheater.