March 16, 2017

Dear Readers,

If you were given one chance to drop everything, to abandon all your problems, to leave your current life, to let go of yourself, and one chance to go on a new adventure, would you go? If you were offered a trip to tour a foreign country all on your own, would you go? If someone gave you a once in a lifetime trip to explore overseas, would you go? Would you pack your bags and leave your current life for a new beginning? Would you give up everything to rediscover yourself…to rediscover life… to discover the world… would you go? If you had one chance, one opportunity to fall in love with yourself in a place unknown to you, with new and unfamiliar faces… would you go?

At some point in our lives, it may not be now and it may come later, but at some point we all will say “yes”. Truth be told, we all innately long for an adventure. We were born to live… to discover life… to fall in love in foreign places and to get lost within a stranger’s eyes. We were born to do, to see, to feel euphoric, to feel alive – and the best way to feel alive is through new adventures.

Sometimes, we just need to go out and see the world for ourselves. Maybe through our journeys and travels, we will realize our real purpose in life. Perhaps, our adventures will teach us so much more about ourselves, our dreams, our desires, and our goals. It’s possible that fear will limit our willingness to travel. Fear will hinder us from dropping everything we’re accustomed and comfortable with. Fear will determine our hesitation to put a pause on our current lives in exchange for new adventures OR to stay within the confines of what we know. The fear of living life is what will kill our souls. If you want to feel alive, you need to step out of your comfort zone. To feel alive, you need to take a chance at living… and to gamble on all the possibilities the world has to offer you.

To “live” means to “try”. You need to try new things, see new places, meet new faces, and try to break away from all your fears. Just let go. Take a break and take that step. You need to experience being lost, and being distracted from your life’s unfortunate reality. Work, school, family, friends, money, rent, mortgage, bills, deadlines, doubts, problems, responsibilities, chaos – all of these are critical aspects of our lives… and I get it, it’s not that easy to leave all of these behind. BUT, it is important that you understand, I’m not asking you to leave forever… All I’m telling you is that you deserve an escape. If you have an opportunity to travel for even a week or two, you should grab it and go… because there is nothing more valuable than the feeling of being “alive”. Live your life and don’t let life live you.

What about you Dez… any future “adventures” coming up?

Yes. I have plans. I have many, many, many plans of exploring the globe… plans to discover myself… plans to meet new people… plans to be lost, yet found at the same time… and I promise you, I will go. Some day, I will read this post and think to myself, “great job Dez, you did it, you took that one adventure that changed your life and you know exactly what it’s like to feel alive.

Now let me ask you this, would you go? 

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.

Waterton, Alberta, Canada – 2017


El Nido, Palawan, Philippines – 2016


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – 2015


Tulum, Mexico – 2015


Canmore, Alberta, Canada – 2015


California – 2013 (Sorry for the terrible quality, I couldn’t find the original copy of this image)


Boracay, Aklan, Philippines – 2012


Singapore – 2012