Why I Left Tumblr

April 27, 2017

Dear Readers,

Before my decision to create my own blog through WordPress, I was an active blogger from Tumblr. My decision to stop using Tumblr can be explained in 3 ways.

1.) I wanted a fresh start

Tumblr had been the perfect blogging tool for me when I was in my teenage years. However, in this particular time in my life, I wanted a fresh new start for my blog posts. The blog, “http://www.dezleighh.com” will become my new tool to connect with you all!!! I believe that people change, and thus my blogging site needs to change too. I am simply adapting to my own growth as a writer/blogger, and Tumblr is simply not enough for me to grow with anymore.

2.) Better for blogging and growth

Tumblr is more tailored for photography, music, and video sharing, I for one am a writer and a storyteller.  Thus, I decided to create a WordPress account since it tailors best for my blogging style. Tumblr is created more for short-form content, compared to WordPress which caters more for various blog contents. For example, in my blog I can add multiple pages to my menu in which my audience (you) can easily find the posts you had previously read, and searching for “something to read” is much easier than before!

WordPress also allows me to focus solely in my content creations. The flexibility and ability for me to create any posts I want is liberating!!! Don’t get me wrong, I was free to explore my creativity with Tumblr too! But, through WordPress, all the content I create will be “mine” (I’ll explain later in number 3).  Lastly, WordPress allows me to build my own website in various ways and more customizations than I could with Tumblr. So, given all these I decided to say “bye” to Tumblr, and “hello” to WordPress!!!

3.) Ownership

Through WordPress, each post is under my ownership (copyrights and publishing rights etc.). The blog is solely mine, and mine alone! Tumblr operates differently from WordPress in terms of content ownership. Think of Tumblr as a free “rental” blogging site. The contents under Tumblr are curations of other users. Even though I was creating my own material in Tumblr, the ownership still wasn’t completely mine because Tumblr controls it to some extent.

WordPress is a publishing platform, versus Tumblr which is more of a social network. I made the decision to blog with Wordpress because I want to publish and gain full control of my intellectual property.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO “dezleigh.tumblr.com” and “fallinlovewithdez.tumblr.com“????

These two sites will still be operational… however, “fallinlovewithdez.tumblr.com” is now private – You will need a password to unlock the website. I decided to make “fallinlovewithdez.tumblr.com” private because most of my posts in there are too personal and are specifically aimed towards “someone“. The blog posts inside “fallinlovewithdez.tumblr.com” are not best for the public eye, and I only want to grant access of that site to special people in life. TIP: If you know me in a DEEP level, guessing the password won’t be difficult at all.

However, “dezleigh.tumblr.com” will be fully accessible and open for the public!!! “dezleigh.tumblr.com” is my first blog and there are too much contents and materials in it for me to delete. The original posts I had on “dezleigh.tumblr.com” will remain in there except for a few that I had transferred on here. I selected a handful of my favourite posts from “dezleigh.tumblr.com” and copied them on here too! The transfer of these posts are for my new readers who wishes to have a little insight of my past.

For the most part, my old Tumblr sites will remain untouched. Starting today, I will be posting EVERYTHING on here! I will still be using Tumblr for the social aspects of it, such as “liking” photos and videos. But in terms of writing/blogging, “http://www.dezleighh.com” is where you’ll find me.

Are you ready to start this new era of my life with me? Are you ready for all my stories? My new heartaches? My new love? My new experiences? My growth? Are you ready for “dezleighh” to take flight?

If yes,

I welcome you to “www.dezleighh.com”!

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.