Be Beautiful, Inside and Out

June 19, 2017

Dear Readers,

Beauty, captivates the attention but a person’s character is what retains the attention. There are plenty of physically attractive people out there, but not all of them will be beautiful in my eyes. I have a high appreciation for physically attractive individuals, however, I find one’s character to be the essence of beauty in a person. If your character is rotten to its core, I could care less if you’re another “Beyoncé”, “Rihanna” or “Kim Kardashian” look alike. I’d much rather have inner beauty than outer beauty because inner beauty lasts forever.

In terms of having the greatest character, I’m nowhere close to an angel. But everyday, I’m trying my best to be the best version of me. I have my own personality flaws too. For instance, I have a temper, and I can be extremely rude and arrogant at times. The darker sides of my personality has caused some serious problems in my life before… and it still does. Mainly, these are the flaws which I made a personal commitment to improve.

Not only do I have flaws in my character, I’m also fighting against the voices in my head whispering all my insecurities to me. It took a ton of courage and a strong spirit for me to slowly defeat these inner demons. In particular, these voices are the root causes of my younger self’s lack of confidence and insecurities. As I aged, I learned different perspectives on life and realized that inner beauty will always outweigh outer beauty. Up to now, I’m still working on being better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I’m a work in a progress, in fact, WE ALL ARE.

I’ve been that “fat” girl too… (I’m still far from skinny, but I’m working on being healthy, NOT skinny) I know what it feels like to be less attractive than other “prettier” girls… I know how awful it is to compare my body to other girls who seem to have the ideal “model” figure. I know how painful it feels to see your crush or boyfriend gawk at other women… believe me, I’ve been there too. I know how it feels like to be insecure. I know what low self-esteem is like… because I suffered it too. Despite all the negativities, I built myself to value what I had been blessed with rather than what I lacked. It took me many years to overcome my own insecurities. It took me many years to understand that I have my own beauty and flaws just like Beyoncé and Rihanna does. No one is ever perfect, because even the most physically stunning women on the planet will have inner flaws too.

To conquer your insecurities and doubts, you must start from deep within. You need to understand that you must learn to accept and love yourself first. In order to gain belief in your own, you should start believing in your own body, mind, and spirit. Understand that you are worth so much more than you think. Your perception in life should not be based on how others perceive you, rather on how you want to be perceived by yourself. Search for all the beautiful qualities inside you… search for purity, for truth, for honesty, for kindness, for happiness, for positivity, for intelligence, for respect, for morals, search for the love in you. 

Learn how to be beautiful from the inside. Your inner beauty will truly illuminate to everyone around you. Believe me, there’s so much beauty in you… appreciate all of it and understand that your flaws are the reasons why you’re a work of art. We are all imperfect beings and each day we should strive on improving ourselves. Keep shining, keep growing, and keep living beautifully.

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.