Social Media Relationship VS. Real Life

Dear Readers, #relationshipgoals is such a big goal for most of us today. I can’t blame you, I want it too. But the part that worries me the most, is how the youth can misinterpret the ideas and values of being in relationship due to what they see online. Yes, relationships are beautiful and if you’re lucky to be in one, being in a healthy and loving relationship is a wonderful thing to have. But the threat to this wonderfulRead more

How to Overcome the Breakup Pain

Dear Readers, We’ve all been there. Breakup. Heartbreak. You see, it may as well be breakup season since most of the people surrounding me seem to be going through a breakup or some sort of relationship downturn. It’s not the greatest feeling, and this is coming from a woman who had suffered heartbreak before. Viewing relationships now as a person in a healthy and strong relationship with Jason, really puts a lot of things into perspective. There are so muchRead more