Relationship Mood Board – How to Celebrate Your One Year Anniversary!!

Dear Readers, As you all may already know, Jason and I celebrated our one year anniversary on June 25, 2018. Since it was on a Monday, we decided to have our anniversary dinner on Saturday, June 23. Here are some pics from our dinner at Sukiyaki House: On our actual anniversary date on June 25, 2018, Jason and I made a Mood Board!!!! What is a Mood Board? Ideally, a Mood Board is a giant poster/board that hold photos, andRead more

Let’s Protect the Girls of Tomorrow – #MeToo

January 23, 2018 Dear Readers, The concept of transitioning into an adult, while still having a youthful soul is a scary thought. How can a girl share her creativity in a world that judges and criticizes too much? How can a girl be creative when gender barriers still exists… and for some reason, a boy’s creativity will always prevail over hers? How can a girl be strong enough to voice her truth, when no one seems to care… when noRead more

My Take on Being a Social Media Influencer

January 16, 2018 Dear Readers, What does it mean to be a role model and social media influencer? This is a question which has been circulating my mind for the past few days. Today, this question wouldn’t leave me alone. Here are my thoughts on this particular topic: Shockingly, my blog has readers who truly commit and follow my story… every inch of the way. I am thankful for all of you. In fact, a friend of mine from universityRead more