Boyfriend Tag

March 18, 2018 Dear Readers, It’s about time we shoot and release this video!!!! I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions for the “Boyfriend Tag” video – I selected a few of my favorite questions and asked Jason a few of my own 🙂 WATCH US BE CUTE AND WHATEVAAAAAA: With love, Mary Dezleigh Teodosio & Jason Yang AdvertisementsRead more

Canada Clothing Company Women’s Launch

September 17, 2017 Dear Readers, HELLO HELLO HELLO! Long time no post, but don’t worry I had been brewing up something amazing the past few days that I had been gone. For starters, I want to showcase a short clip recorded from Jason’s iPhone 6. This footage is a short summary of my speech at the Canada Clothing Company Women’s Launch event on September 8, 2017. That night was truly remarkable! Not only did I get to support my loveRead more

Q & A – Top 22 Questions About ME!

August 23, 2017 Dear Readers, In 7 days, I will be turning 22 years old! To celebrate my past year of highs and lows, I wanted to share some relevant information about myself. This video is full of joy, growth, inspiration, wishful thinking and love. I hope you enjoy each and every second of this video: With love, Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.Read more