How to Overcome the Breakup Pain

Dear Readers, We’ve all been there. Breakup. Heartbreak. You see, it may as well be breakup season since most of the people surrounding me seem to be going through a breakup or some sort of relationship downturn. It’s not the greatest feeling, and this is coming from a woman who had suffered heartbreak before. Viewing relationships now as a person in a healthy and strong relationship with Jason, really puts a lot of things into perspective. There are so muchRead more

I Grew Up a Fat Kid – My Body Image Struggles

March 8, 2018 Dear Readers, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! As women, we all share the same common insecurities. For instance, most of us are never satisfied with our body; the shape of our bodies seem to be the greatest source of our insecurities. BUT IT SHOULD NEVER BE THAT WAY.Β In fact our bodies should be the source of our strength. Our bodies can give birth. Our bodies have its purpose. Our bodies are strong… and you should never be ashamedRead more